Platinum EV

Introducing Platinum by Green NEV (a local Arizona company)

The time has come for a golf car designed to meet your needs not the ideas of a giant corporation about what you want. Platinum is designed around your uses for a golf car/NEV and custom made to fit that usage.

Green NEV started from the ground up, utilizing the best existing products combined with the newest technologies and most time tested and durable parts and designs to produce an affordable alternative to the major manufacturers and foreign producers of golf cars and neighborhood electric vehicles. The result is a factory re-manufactured up-cycled vehicle using non-wearing parts from previous vehicles and combining them with new high quality parts to produce a car that we are so confidant in we offer a warranty that equals or exceeds factory warranties from most or all other manufacturers.  Platinum offers numerous customizable solutions to meet the needs of our customers and their specific requirements for a golf car/NEV.

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Platinum EV Features

Lights, Windshield (you choose the type), Canopy top (you chose color), mirror, 10-inch DOT Radial tires, vinyl seats

Vinyl seats, cloth seats, custom seats available

Over 20 different colors and custom options available. 

  • 2 passenger,
  • 4 passenger w/flatbed conversion
  • Standard DC drive systems.
  • High speed DC drive systems.
  • High performance AC drive systems
  • Standard wet cell battery systems
  • High capacity wet cell battery systems
  • Lithium battery systems with greater driving distance capacity in our stock system than others even have available. 

Full range of tire and wheel combinations

3-year Warranty (Battery pack warranties may vary) We stand behind our custom cars!

Platinum golf cars/NEVs are made in the United States. We are pleased to utilize parts and accessories for our Platinum cars produced with quality and pride by our friends and neighbors in North America to the greatest extent possible.