Golf Car Accessories in Tucson, Catalina, & Green Valley, AZ

NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) - OUR MOST POPULAR OPTION!

Golf Cars of Arizona takes your golf car to the limit!! We can increase the speed to 25 mph and equip it with all the federally mandated safety equipment; turn signals, seat belts, side mirrors, roof reflectors and a 17 digit VIN, which makes it a legal car for any street where the posted limit is 35 mph or less.

Security options

Different (dis-similar) keys can be installed to protect your investment from theft or simple confusion when there are a few of the similar car at the club house.

Electric key fobs can also be installed. This is the most secure option since the dis-similar keys are still somewhat similar. This option electronically disables the car, much like your street car. Once the car is armed, it cannot be moved until it is disarmed.

Battery Watering system

This is quickly becoming a great seller! Imagine, no caps to remove – just hook up a jug of distilled water, see the cells that require water, and in less than 5 minutes all cells are properly filled. This system is now coming standard on the 2013 Club cars. This system also almost eliminates the possibility of a leak from over venting and eliminates over filling.

Power Point Plugin

We can install this feature so your cell phone or GPS can be charged while in your car.

Rear Seat Cargo or Golf Club Flip Kit

We can custom install a kit that gives you a rear seat so you can transport four passengers or simply flip it up and you can have a flat cargo area or a spot for the golf clubs. Truly giving you options on using your golf car.


There are many color choices, loop or pile, to dress up the interior of your golf car. We carry complete sets for floor, dash, sweater basket and bag well. Custom pieces can be ordered as well.

Storage Cover

Protect your investment from dust or the sun.

Acid Resistant Floor Mat

Protect your garage floor from occasional over venting of the batteries; battery acid will damage concrete instantly.

Battery filling pitcher

For those who like to do it old school, we carry a spring loaded pitcher that makes it easier to fill the batteries.

Custom Steering Wheels

We carry a large selection of custom steering wheels give your golf car the custom car look. Not to mention the added comfort while operating the car.

Custom Wheels

We carry many different options of wheels and can order many others. Whether its 8″, 10″ or 12″, we can give your golf car the custom car look. Wheels are one of our best-selling options, with most customers choosing the 10″ option.

Custom Seats

  • Custom bench style with protective corners
  • Bolstered premium with individual contoured seat backs
  • Padded and bolstered deluxe for maximum comfort

Storage Solutions

  • Locking Dash Console
  • Dash Tray
  • Gear Bag
  • Canopy Net

Cold Weather Solutions

  • Propane Heater
  • Electric Heater
  • Vinyl Enclosure
  • Slider Enclosure

Hot Weather Soluions

  • UV Sunshade
  • Cool Breeze Evaporative Cooler
  • Breeze Easy Dash-Mounted Fan
  • Marine Side Fan

Charger Extension Cord

If your charger cord won’t reach your desired outlet, regular light duty extension cords are not recommended since they don’t have the capacity and can cause damage to the charger of worse your car.

Coolers, Ball Washers and Seeders

All are stocked and can be mounted on your car while it’s in for its regular service.