Golf Car Batteries For Sale near Tucson, Catalina & Green Valley, AZ

BatteryMINDer® for Golf Cars in Tucson, Arizona

Why you need a BatteryMINDer® for your Golf Car...

VDC Electronics provides  48 volt BatteryMINDers® charger/maintainer/desulfators for golf cars that greatly extend the life and performance of new or older batteries well beyond the original chargers provided with the electric vehicle when purchased. The BatteryMINDer® also eliminates daily, weekly or even monthly battery maintenance normally needed when only the main charger is used. Thus, non-use storage of long duration can be safely accomplished without the worry of dead batteries or acid overflow.

Testing in both Florida and Arizona has shown battery powered electric golf cars can be left unattended for 6+ months without serious water loss when a BatteryMINDer® alone is used. Our BatteryMINDers® are designed for all 48-V Deep Cycle Flooded (wet cells), Sealed Gel and AGM (regardless of make) battery systems as used in golf cars, fork and scissor lifts, floor scrubbers and other industrial “people or material mover” vehicles. Please choose the BatteryMINDer® that is best for you below & STAY CHARGED!